After you've arranged service with one of our Tech's please fill out the Order Form and include a printed copy in the box with your suspension.

Return shipping costs are based on the carrier's shipping rates. No extra is charged by Evo.

We return ship using Ground as the default carrier option. If you'd like 1 or 2-day return express shipping please let us know ahead of time and make a note on your Order Form.

Please remove any aftermarket push-button fork bleeders before shipping and install the OEM bleed screws. (Even quality push-button bleeders often leak fork oil all over the box in transport as the forks are not upright.)


We advise adding insurance to your shipment with your chosen shipping carrier.

Evo is not responsible for any unfortunate damage or loss during transport. Please contact the carrier directly.


A Pelican-style hard plastic case with foam inserts can be a worthwhile investment to protect your suspension.

Gun cases can work well if you can find a large enough case that allows the components to be well separated with protective foam or another packaging material to prevent contact during transport. Cover the case latches with tape to prevent them from opening accidentally. (Gun cases may have an additional handling charge from the carrier. Check with the carrier before shipping. e.g. UPS currently charges an $11 surcharge for gun cases not in a cardboard box.)

A large cardboard box roughly 48" x 10" x 10" is also a good packaging option. Wrap each component individually in 5/16″ bubble wrap or foam and fill any extra space in the box with foam. 

Use 5/16″ bubble wrap. Large 1/2″ bubbles pop easily and will not protect your suspension. 

Please avoid using loose packing peanuts. They are a pain to deal with when unpacking / repacking your suspension.